What is cast stone made of?
The mantels are made of glass fiber reinforced industrial gypsum, and industrial quartz with a compression test rating of 7500 psi.
How close is it to stone?
You will get a product that looks similar to carved stone, but weighs much less. It is more durable due to the strength of the supporting ingredients. The product is “hollow”--not foam filled--therefore it keeps the weight much lower than solid stone. This means you do not need to worry about structural integrity to support our product.
What size are the mantels and what size fireboxes do they fit?
We design the molds with flexibility in mind. Most of the molds can change in height, width and depth. The molds can also fit any size firebox.
Will the product melt or burn?
No, the product has a zero burn rating
Are the mantels easy to install?
The mantels are easy to install. For local customers we offer inexpensive professional installation. No mason is needed for installation.
How can I clean my mantel?
We recommend vacuuming the dust off. If additional cleaning is necessary, use a moist sponge with a mild soap.
How long does it take to make the mantel?
It typically takes three weeks for a mantel. It can take up to six weeks, pending existing work load.
How tall is the mantel?
There are specification line drawings available for all of the standard mantels here. Measure from the top of the fire box and apply the height to the top of your firebox to get the overall height of the mantel.
How do you measure for a mantel?
We measure according to your existing firebox. See the specification drawings for installation information and measurements.
Do the mantels come with a warranty?
Yes, all the mantels come with a limited life time warranty.
How does the price compare with competitors?
We have been careful to be competitively priced. We will beat a competitors price on a comparable mantel by 10%
How many colors are available?
We have nine colors that can be seen on the colors page. They are: mystic, straw, linen, alabaster, silver, mocha, almond, bone and charcoal.
How many textures are available?
There are four textures: sandstone, travertine, old world and paint grade.
How long does it take to install?
Installation typically takes three hours.
How high should my fire box be?
We recommend understanding the scale of the room and height of the ceiling to determine the height of the firebox in the wall. For exambple, under a 6” hearth for an 8 foot ceiling and less than 12” for a 10 foot ceiling. For very large rooms and high ceilings, a 14 inch hearth is appropriate.
Can you fit corner fireplaces?
Yes, we can create many layouts to accommodate special situations
If I have a fire box off the wall into the room, can you do something special there?
Yes. We can cover the face of the fire box and return the product back to the exterior wall to cover the sides of the fireplace
How many standard models do you have?
There are 37 standards models available with choice of mix and match components for hundreds of customs styles.